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Blessed Luigi Guanella said...
Mass is the perfect prayer of praise.


From the Priests and Sisters of Blessed Guanella in the Philippines:

Guanellian Family Spirit

Someone once said: "When people get together, things happen."

When the Servants of Charity and Guanellian Sisters (D.S.M.P.) get together - good things happen. These are moments of genuine hospitality at their finest.

There are shared prayers, Masses, feasts, as well as celebrations of visitors from other countries such as Italy and America. Whether they be family or friends, there is always a good meal, followed by songs and laughter. All have a voice which is heard by others.

These celebrations are from a bond of charity cementing our family ties. In the breaking of the bread we come to know ourselves and others around the table of the Lord. Language is no barrier to a "sharing of the heart" in which no one is excluded.

There are those who come searching and find these Guanellian moments reason to stay and so it is that we who have lived a long while as Guanellians are able to pass on to others the spirit and life of our Guanellian family.

(Credit: Pious Union of Saint Joseph)

Guanellian Stories

Mrs. Ida (Guanella) Pelavena, niece of Blessed Fr. Guanella, was a little girl when Fr. Louis Guanella came home for a visit. He was asked how he could care for so many people in all his various homes for the poor. His answer was "It is God's work! The Divine Providence! I care for them until midnight. After that, God takes care." To prove his point he told them a real episode, which so impressed her she reported it many years after Fr. Guanella died:

One day, during the construction of St. Joseph's Church in Rome, so much desired by Saint Pope Pius X, Fr. Guanella was walking alone on a secondary road in an open field, meditating, as usual. Mr. A. Leonori, the architect, managed to find Fr. Guanella and reported bad news: "Fr. Louis, I do not have money to pay the workers! The construction will stop!" Fr. Guanelia said: "Let me see what I can do." The anxious architect returned to the construction site. A gentleman (St. Joseph?) approached Fr. Guanella, asking where he could find Reverend Fr. Guanella. "I am he. What can I do for you! "I have a letter for you," answered the man, handing the priest an envelope. "Thank you very much. To whom I must answer?" asked Fr. Guanella, "There is no need to answer," replied the distinctive person. After few minutes Fr. Louis found himself alone; the gentleman having disappeared. Fr. Guanella opened the letter. What a surprise! In it there were checks made out for large amounts to Fr. Guanella. A miracle? Was the gentleman St. Joseph? Many other similar episodes happened to Fr. Guanella.

(Credit: "Guanellian Stories" Now and at the Hour Oct-Nov. 2001: 16.)

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